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An aerial view of the impressive Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy massifs at dawn after a recent snowfall. I shot this photo during a rare scenic flight at the very end of a season of climbing amongst these mountains. I had wanted for years to find a pilot and plane to fly with so that I could take photos of and see from the air the mountains that have played such an important part in my life, but it took months of talking with local friends to track down someone who was willing and available. Even once I'd found the right person, storm systems raked through the area, creating unsafe flying conditions that kept us grounded. Finally, on the final morning of my entire trip, it looked like we might just be able to sneak in an early flight before the weather worsened later in the day. We drove to the small airport in darkness, unsure of whether we'd even be able to see the mountains through the spotty clouds we could barely make out overhead. As we took off just after dawn, our rickety little plan bounced along through winds that were just calm enough to let us continue. We were able to spend nearly an hour flying around these wild summits, and it will forever remain in my memory as one of the most spectacular things I have ever done.


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